Kitchen Remodeling by Capital Kitchen

As one of the most important rooms of the house, kitchens in Bucks County, PA are used quite a lot with everyday cooking. Not only that, but their appeal is also a huge factor when it comes to keeping a tidy home. With wear and tear a constant issue, kitchens can easily become outdated, look worn, or give off a strong lived in quality. While that may not seem so negative, it is not always the best for functionality purposes.

It is also important to keep in mind the layout of your kitchen. Do you have easy access to every facet of your kitchen? Do you constantly have to go around things in order to get to the sink from the refrigerator? There are many factors that go into making the decision to remodel your kitchen in Montgomery County, PA and Northeast Philadelphia. That is why Capital kitchen, a kitchen remodeler and cabinet refacing service, is here to put an end to your impasse.


Making the Decision to Remodel Your Kitchen

No matter the time of year, families in Levittown, PA are constantly utilizing their kitchens, if even just to grab a soda out of the fridge. We understand the frustrations that many face when they have to walk through a maze of countertops in order to get to the sink or to access high traffic areas like the refrigerator. Don’t just accept the status quo; find a solution!

The Kitchen Work Triangle

There are three main components to every kitchen:

  1. Sink
  2. Refrigerator
  3. Oven / Cooktop

These three main components are recommended to be within a certain area of each other, forming a triangle of 26 feet with no intersections. If your kitchen in Levittown, PA is too jampacked, crowded, or even widespread, it can mean the difference between rare and well-done. Don’t let your kitchen in Newtown, PA constitute your cooking habits. Instead, lay it out the right way.

No more running around the island or having to go around things to get to the stove. Every cook knows the woes of having to wash your hands constantly while cooking. If you are getting tripped up by having to travel far to-and-from the main components of your kitchen, then you should definitely consider the perks of remodeling your cooking space in Northeast Philadelphia. Give yourself the proper space to operate and also to accommodate high traffic with larger families. Let Capital Kitchen help you set up the perfect layout for your kitchen renovation.

Visualizing Your New Kitchen and Custom Cabinets

With Google Sketchup, you can now see how your kitchen or even how your custom cabinets will look once it is designed and laid out just how you want it in Levittown, PA. Instead of just imagining it, with us, you will be able to see it before you commit to your renovation. Beholding the finished product before anything is changed physically is a very important aspect of the process in Yardley, PA. What if after you see it, you realize how you pictured it was different than how it actually looks? Our imaginations can run wild sometimes, and Google Sketchup helps to tether it and display it.

cabinet refacing company bucks county pa


Cabinet Refacing Company

A complete kitchen tearout can sometimes be too intimidating. Many families in Bucks County, PA can relate that kitchen renovation can be a step they aren’t willing to or aren’t ready to take. Instead of worrying or stressing about the effort that goes into having work done on your house, stick with Capital Kitchen to get it done efficiently.


Solid Wood Refacing

Here, near Yardley, PA, we use solid wood refacing with ¾-inch wood, which creates and delivers value much differently than other cabinet refacing companies. We build, design, and style your cabinets to not only look the part, but also to last.

If you don’t want to restyle or renovate your whole kitchen, refacing is an easier way to remove the cabinet faces and replace them with a fresh, and a much more appealing look. Not only that, but we have endless selections of door styles and colors from our partner: Conestoga Wood Specialties as well as hardware to replace the slamming sound of drawers!

Cabinet refacing in Montgomery County, PA will also help you save money on your budget as compared to new cabinet installations. Your cabinets can look the part without losing their history. As seen below, cabinets that don’t match your countertop can be exchanged with those that look absolutely breathtaking!

kitchen renovation newtown pa

Before and After


Custom Cabinetry

We also can design and create you any kind of cabinet you want for your home in Newtown, PA. In this case, let your imagination think up what you’ve always needed. From bookshelves to bureaus, we can build you just what you’ve always wanted. Liquor cabinets with ambient lighting, tv stands, custom wall units, and work spaces – whatever it may be, don’t hesitate to reach out. Small or large, any size; we are not restricted to the usual 3-inch increments that most cabinets are structured to. For cabinets above the fridge–if you are getting a new one or compensating for an old one–we can adjust or build you a set of custom cabinets.

Consider enlisting the services of Capital Kitchen today. Please call us at 267-390-4823 for a free estimate. Let’s start designing your dream kitchen!